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Marina reviews Arlys' Voice Teaching

Arlys Alford
Marina reviews Arlys' Voice Teaching
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Marina reviews Arlys' Voice Teaching

Marina reviews Arlys' Voice Teaching

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Luis reviews Arlys' voice teaching

Luis reviews Arlys' voice teaching

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Nisreen reviews Arlys' voice teaching

Nisreen reviews Arlys' voice teaching

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Helping singers & speakers become more aware of how changing their muscular habits can positively affect their vocal success rate


"In a short period of time Arlys has helped in my vocal exploration and I got acquainted with the true potential of my vocal instrument. I got more volume and my pronunciation improved. I appreciate that she was sensitive to my preferences as far as the content of the songs for my practice. Her dancing background allowed her to clearly communicate corrections of my posture   that allows the voice to come out effortlessly. Every moment with Arlys is inspiring and energizing. Thank you,
Arlys for helping unleash the power of my voice. I am using it to uplift my environment."
What a blessing!”

- Andreja Smokvina,

singer, piano teacher

“I use the meditation that you taught me all the time.  After all these years of thinking meditation was a long journey, of which I have struggled, (it was) such a simple and accessible tool that you shared!  Thank you."

- Joey Soto

"I had a huge breakthrough around breath support! I was at a jam on Saturday and was singing a tune and all of a sudden I felt the breath support! I seriously felt it physically and some things clicked. It gave me shivers and I started smiling mid song! WOW! 

Can't wait to share this and analyze and dissect this area more with you. True game changer!!"

- Adam Grams

“Arlys is incredible.  She has taught me that everyone - EVERYONE has the ability to sing and sing well.  I used to think I just wasn't born with a "good voice" and she helped me see otherwise.  Her technique is effective, and her lessons are always fun!”


- Efia Pearson, Actress

"I've spent most of my life singing but I never had any confidence in my voice and after working with Arlys for one week she helped me to develop the tools I needed to help me sing in a healthy way. She taught me that it's okay to have your own unique voice and that gave me the confidence I needed."

- Lynnae Kapsner,

[successfully completed audition prep & gained admission to McNally Smith college of music]

I just recorded Seek and Destroy, and I’m proud of it!!!  Would everybody love it? No. But I completely changed how I deliver that song, and I think I did an awesome job on the prechorus where I added some growls at just the right parts. Thank you for pushing me to find my own voice. That was the next right step in my vocal journey. Progress!!!!

- Sharrilyn Helgertz

“Before I met Arlys I used to cringe when ever I heard myself sing.  She helped me find my natural voice in a way that I could hear the intonation and tonality giving me confidence, expanded vocal range and dynamic power. If that was not enough, she also helped me discover melodic rhythm and the lyrical compositional skills to develop vocal parts for my original music. She knows that not everybody learns in the same way and therefore caters lessons to fit the students learning style.
Thank you Arlys and looking forward to your review of my next song. “

- Richard Parissi

"I spent ten years trying to learn how to sing with little success. In just three lessons with Arlys I felt like I finally found my voice. Thanks Arlys."

- William Erickson

I GOT IN!!! I am still in shock, I expected to be notified about a month in as I was last year, but this year I got notified the same week I turned the phase 2 information in!

Crazy stuff! I couldn't have had such a good vocal audition without your help, and I am so glad I chose to work with you when I moved to Minnesota. I look forward to working with you and making further progress with my voice until July 2020 when I'll be going to California!!!

- Libby Sparks

Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 2.09.43 PM.png


In-Studio Coaching

Nov 2015, successfully recorded single without running over in studio time. Brek spent a few weeks working with me to correct a few pitch and breath issues and to help him 'tweak' his song to perfection. Brek now sings a stong E5 and proceded to NAIL the vocal takes.  Well done, Prince Brek!


Voice Training

Lynn was one of my first online students.  She wanted to learn to sing in secret - and surprise her husband-to-be at their wedding.  Previously, she had felt embarrassed by her singing voice, and wasn't sure her sound could change.  As you can see from the above photo, Lynn did sing at her wedding, and even converted a few of her former critics into fans!

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