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In-studio locations in Eden Prairie & Bloomington, MN

Available online via Zoom



New Year's Eve       |     Easter                     |     Memorial Day       |  Independence Day

Thanksgiving           |    Christmas Eve        |     Christmas Day


Cost for travel is charged at the same rate per hour as lessons.

Exception: In-Studio Recording to Success sessions - travel is included in price.


Mon-Thurs 1:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturdays are fully booked

Sundays     1:00pm to 3:00pm


New clients must pay for lesson(s) in advance to reserve session times. 

Payments can be made via cash, check or major credit card.

Please be sure to read the cancellation policy, below.  All sales are final.


Single one-hour voice/performance coaching sessions = $60

30min=$35 / 45min=$45

Rates are per person / per session


Four   60-min sessions  = $210 [$30 savings]

Six      45-min sessions  = $240 [$30 savings]

Seven 30-min sessions  = $215 [$30 savings]

Eight  30-min sessions  = $250 [$30 savings]

If you lose your card, never fear! All purchases are tracked and honored.

Singing lessons - pay here
Singing lessons - pay here


All lessons are private and should be attended only by the student.

Please invite your guests to your shows and performances, not your lessons!


Students 8 to 12 years of age: A parent or guardian should accompany the student for the first lesson. Subsequent lessons should then be attended solely by the student.

CANCELLATIONS Require 24-Hour Notice

Both teacher and client agree to 24-hour advance notice for:

Scheduling sessions


Rescheduling requests



Same-day sessions are available, please CALL to ensure I am available.
Less than 24-hour cancellations/no shows will be charged full amount for lesson slot.

Please call during the business hours listed above if you need to cancel with less than 24-hours notice.

True emergencies are exempt

Two emergency cancellations will be waived per year


Sharing is caring, except for colds & flu! Runny noses with sore throats, body aches and coughs are generally good indications that we are still contagious, and singing with a cold or flu isn't good for your vocal folds.

Voice lessons are taught facing each other in close proximity, and we sing with our mouths open, increasing the risk of sharing the cold or flu.







Please stay home and rest, or if you feel well enough, consider switching to an online lesson for that week. Find more info on how determine if you are contagious at WikiHow:


Please use my email address for business communications that are non-urgent or outside normal business hours.


I no longer accept texting. Here are the FAcTs = frequent asked texts:

  • "Do we have a lesson tonight?"

    • Add the item to your calendar so that you know when your lesson is schedule

  • "What is your address?"

    • I send out a welcome email with all the information needed to find me

    • Add this information to the same calendar item, under 'location'

  • "Can I reschedule tonight's lesson?"

    • Yes, please email me!

Always know that any personal data will never be shared.